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Do you qualify for financial assistance?

You may qualify to receive premium assistance, which is a tax credit based on your family size and income that lowers your monthly premium
Choose this if you think you qualify for premium assistance or want to check.
Choose this if you don’t likely qualify for premium assistance based on the information and chart below. If you are unsure, we suggest you shop On-Exchange Plans first.
You qualify for federal aid if you make one to four times the federal poverty level for your household size for the previous year.  So for 2021, a family of four could earn between $26,200 to $104,800 in 2020.
Household SizeHousehold Minimum
Household Maximum
1 person$12,760$51,040
2 people$17,240$68,960
3 people$21,720$86,880
4 people$26,200$104,800
5 people$30,680$122,720
6 people$35,160$140,640
7 people$39,640$158,560
8 people$44,120$176,480
Households with more than 8 people should add $4,480 per person.