The Sendero Health Plans Quality Improvement Program is committed to continuously improving the quality of care and service for Sendero’s members and practitioners. Sendero is accredited by the National Committee of Quality Assurance (NCQA).

Sendero’s Quality Improvement Committee (QIC) reports to the Sendero Board of Directors and is responsible for implementation of the Quality Improvement Program. The QIC, in conjunction with four subcommittees (Provider Advisory, Compliance, Member Advisory, and Delegation Oversight), addresses all aspects of member, practitioner, and organizational quality.

This includes:

Implementation of programs that improve member health.
Implementation of clinical practice guidelines, preventive health guidelines, medical necessity criteria, and medical, pharmaceutical and behavioral health policies.
Evaluation of outsourced and delegated services – claims, vision, pharmacy, behavioral health services, customer service.
Evaluation of the effectiveness of quality improvement interventions.
Evaluating member and practitioner satisfaction.
Maintaining an adequate practitioner and facility network.
Monitoring internal and external audits and investigations for the purpose of identifying troublesome issues and deficient areas experienced by the company and implementing corrective and preventive action.
Determining the appropriate strategy/approach to promote compliance with the program and detection of any potential violations, such as through hotlines and other fraud reporting mechanisms.
Thank you for your interest in becoming an in-network provider for IdealCare by Sendero Health Plans. For more information on joining the IdealCare provider network, please email us at or click here to download a provider interest form. If you have any questions about joining our network, please call our Network Management team at 1-855-895-0475.
Post Date Post Details
11/01/19 IdealCare Provider Manual Update Notice – Diagnosis code pointer requirements
11/01/19 IdealCare Provider Manual Update Notice – Effective 12/1/2019
10/01/19 Chiropractic Services Billing Update Notice – Effective 11/1/2019
08/30/19 IdealCare Provider Manual Update Notice – Effective 10/1/2019
08/26/19 IdealCare Provider Manual Update Notice – Effective 8/26/2019
06/17/19 IdealCare Provider Manual Update Notice – Effective 6/17/2019
05/01/19 IdealCare Provider Manual Update Notice – Effective 5/1/2019
04/03/19 QW Modifier Update – Effective 5/3/2019
03/01/19 IdealCare Provider Manual and Prior Authorization List Update – Effective 4/1/2019
01/22/19 DME Prior Authorization Required Supporting Documentation – Effective 1/22/2019
01/14/19 Notice to Physicians and Providers
12/27/18 IdealCare Provider Manual Update Notice – Effective 1/1/2019
12/24/18 Registration Information – New Provider Portal effective 1/1/2019
11/30/18 Changes to IdealCare Prior Authorization List – Effective 1/1/2019
11/30/18 IdealCare Electronic Claims Process Update – Effective 1/1/2019
11/09/18 IdealCare Claims and Customer Service Changes – Effective 1/1/19
09/05/18 IdealCare Provider Manual Update Notice – Effective 9/5/2018
08/03/18 Pharmaceutical Management Procedures Notice
08/02/18 Financial Incentives Notice
07/17/18 Medical Necessity Criteria Notice
07/01/18 IdealCare Provider Manual Update Notice – Effective 7/1/2018
07/01/18 Federal External Review Process
06/08/18 IdealCare Provider Manual Update Notice – Effective 6/8/2018
05/01/18 Reminder: IdealCare Reconsiderations & Appeals Process
03/30/18 IdealCare Provider Manual Update – Effective 3/30/2018
03/14/18 Consolidated Credentialing Verification Organization (CVO) presentation
02/20/18 Consolidated Credentialing Verification Organization (CVO) Implementation to begin April 1, 2018