Provider Advisory Group

The Provider Advisory Subcommittee (PAS) is led by Sendero’s Medical Director. One of its functions is to review and approve credentialing files of providers who apply to the Sendero Health Plans network. The Subcommittee meets as often as necessary to complete provider credentialing and re-credentialing activities. There are contemporaneous dated and signed minutes that reflect all Provider Advisory Subcommittee activity. Reports are then made to the Quality Improvement Committee. The main scope of the committee is to ensure that competent qualified practitioners and providers are included in Sendero Health Plans’ network and to protect the Members from professional incompetence. The Quality Improvement Committee and the Sendero Health Plans’ Board of Directors review all activities of the Provider Advisory Subcommittee related to the credentialing and the re-credentialing of providers for the Sendero network. For more information on joining the Provider Advisory Group, please call our Network Management Team at 1-855-895-0475 or email us at