Find A Doctor


During the enrollment process, you chose a doctor from our list to be your or your child’s PCP. This doctor will make sure that you or your child gets the right care. The PCP will give you and your child regular checkups, write prescriptions for medicines and supplies when you or your child is sick, and tell you if you or your child should see a specialist.

To give you the best care possible, your PCP needs to know your and your child’s medical history. Your medical records are private and confidential. Only you, your PCP, and other approved providers have a right to see them. If you change doctors, be sure to give your new PCP any information needed about your medical history.

Your PCP will tell you if you or your child needs to see a specialist. Your PCP will make sure that you or your child gets the special care needed. In general, you cannot go to another doctor or get a special service if your PCP does not agree to make a referral.

NOTE: You are not required to obtain a referral from your PCP to access care from an OB/GYN or behavioral health provider within the Sendero Plan network.

You may also call Customer Service for the most current network provider information, help finding a doctor or assistance with scheduling an appointment toll free at 1-855-526-7388.

Click Here to see a PDF copy of the STAR Provider Directory. A printed Directory is available by calling Customer Service. Please be aware that the printed Directory will not have the most current provider information.