Provider News

05/22/17 CHIP Providers Must Complete Enrollment with TMHP by December 31, 2017
04/28/17 Notice to Prescribers: Mosquito Repellent Benefit
04/20/17 Adoption Assistance and Permanency Care Assistance Application Acceptance
03/01/17 Medical Transportation Program – Provider Alternate Addresses
01/19/17 Texas Health Steps Documentation Improvement
  Attachment 1: Texas Health Steps Clinical Review Tool with Instructions (Excel)
  Attachment 2: Texas Health Steps Clinical Review Tool
01/19/17 Texas Health Steps Regional Provider Relations Contacts
12/28/16 2016 Winter Newsletter
11/29/16 Notice to Prescribers: Mosquito Repellent Benefit
09/30/16 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) Deadline has passed. Dis-enrollment from Texas Medicaid will occur 1/31/17
09/07/16 Reminder: Texas Provider Re-enrollment Application Deadline Approaching 9/24/2016
09/06/16 THSteps Checkup Documentation - Essential to Medical Records
08/23/16 Notice to Prescribers: Mosquito Repellent Benefit
06/15/16 Zika Webinar for Providers’
02/23/16 Reminder: Texas Provider Re-enrollment by 9/25/2016
11/02/15 Provider Network Update: Seton Termination Notice
10/21/15 Texas Provider Re-enrollment Reminder
10/07/15 Fall Newsletter
09/03/15 Pharmaceutical Management Procedures Notice
08/27/15 Quality Improvement Program Notice
08/27/15 Complex Case Management Program Notice
08/27/15 Disease Management Program Notice
08/27/15 Medical Necessity Criteria Notice
08/27/15 Utilization Management Notice
08/27/15 Financial Incentives Notice
08/27/15 Member Rights and Responsibilities Notice
08/19/15 ICD-10 Testing Guidance – Professional
08/19/15 ICD-10 Testing Guidance – Facility
08/10/15 STAR/CHIP Provider Manual Update 2015
06/30/15 Behavioral Health Toolkit for PCPs
06/30/15 Practitioner and Provider Annual Reminder
03/12/15 Provider Communication with Members Notice
03/10/15 Provider Communication Notice
02/27/15 Provider Network Update: St. David’s will remain in-network effective March 1, 2015
12/22/14 Provider Notification: Utilization Management Decision Making Standards
12/05/14 Provider Quality Improvement Program Notification
10/22/14 Provider Case Management Program Notice
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