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Sendero’s Health Services department is staffed with physicians, nurses, and social workers who work with members and providers to coordinate care for covered healthcare services.  Our focus is on providing support so that our members obtain the care they need when they need it from our network of credentialed providers. 

Our Whole Person Health Support (WPHS) programs are available to help our members reach and maintain optimal health care goals.  Sendero’s goal is to help members learn enough to make informed choices about their health so that they have control over their health conditions. WPHS provides educational resources and access to one-on-one nurse coaching and specialty care.

WPHS Disease Management

WPHS Disease Management programs are focused on helping members manage a chronic illness or multiple chronic illnesses.

Disease Management programs are available to members with chronic health conditions, including (but not limited to):

  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders
  • Asthma
  • Diabetes

WPHS Case Management

WPHS Case Management programs are focused on helping members who experience a catastrophic injury or illness or who have complex health care needs or those who would benefit from coordinating services needed from several providers.

Case Management programs are available to members with complex health conditions, such as:

  • Children with Special Health Care Needs
  • Children of Migrant Farm Workers
  • Brain injuries / spinal cord injuries / multiple fractures
  • Cancer
  • Transplants

High Risk Pregnancy Case Management

Sendero’s WPHS High Risk Pregnancy program provides support to high risk pregnant women of all ages, in order to help them gain access to medical, behavioral, social, educational, and other health-related services with the shared goal of helping the member deliver a healthy baby.

To find out more about Sendero’s Health Services  programs or to refer a member for one of our programs,  call us at 1-855-297-9191.